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Who Are the Women of the Internet of Things?
There is no question about whether the maker community has been changed by the arrival of the Internet of Things. To me, maker projects have always meant micro-controllers and sensors, but now they almost inevitably mean things that are connected. It happens often enough that it is now rare to... Read more
Review: The Fully Enclosed Nomad 883 Pro Offers Clean, Capable CNC Routing
This machine was reviewed as part of our 2017 Desktop Fabrication Shootout. See more machines in our 3D Printer Guide and non-3D printer reviews here. Read articles from the magazine right here on Make:. Don’t have a subscription yet? Get one today. Make less of a mess with this highly capable... Read more
Maker Pro News: Is AirBnB the Future of Manufacturing?
“I want to offer a more sustainable and ecological form of protein.” — Monica Martinez, founder of edible insect maker Don Bugito Is AirBnB the Future of Manufacturing? It is not often that a new idea seems poised to remake the traditionally-minded manufacturing sector. However, the more we hear about... Read more
Tips of the Week: Shop Vac Digging, Know Your Bolts, and Arranging Your Drivers
Several of our tips this week deal with tool organization. It’s springtime, always a great seasonal excuse to think about cleaning and organizing your shop and tools. If you have any tips related to organization, please share them in the comments below. And happy Spring, happy Friday, and Happy... Read more
Edible Innovations: Turning Ugly Fruit into Delicious Juice
From Singapore to the USA and all around Europe, Edible Innovations profiles food makers that engage in improving the global food system at every stage, from production to distribution to eating and shopping. Join us as we explore the main trends in the industry from a maker perspective. Chiara Cecchini... Read more
You Are Probably Tying Your Shoes Incorrectly
() – For such an age-old problem, it’s gotten surprisingly little scientific study. But now physicists at Berkeley think they’ve figured out why the knots of our shoelaces come untied, reports the BBC. Through slow-motion video, they found that it’s a complex combination of stomping (your foot hitting the... Read more
Honeymooners in Maui Return Home With Rat Parasite
() – On the surface, it was the best of times. Ben Manilla, 64, and Eliza Lape, 57, eloped during a trip to Maui in January, a time Lape calls “a perfect two weeks,” reports Maui News. But underneath, it was the worst of times, as a rat parasite... Read more
Filament Friday: Algix Alga Is a Filament Made from Algae
We’ve already talked about some more environmentally friendly plastics in previous Filament Fridays. This week let’s take a look at a filament that needs less plastic because it’s created with not only a renewable resource, but one that is over abundant: algae. Alga from Algix is a unique filament created... Read more
What I Learned from Building a Giant CNC Router Kit
Editor’s Note: CNC Router Parts sponsored a project for us recently (it is going to be awesome), but I also wanted to document my experience building the machine that I needed for the project. This article is not sponsored, I just thought you might enjoy seeing the process and... Read more
New Clues in the ‘Coldest Case of All’: Oetzi the Iceman’s Murder
() – It’s one of the world’s oldest murder mysteries—or what the director of an Italian archaeological museum calls “the coldest case of all”—but per the New York Times, there may be new clues to help figure out the details of Oetzi the Iceman’s demise. We already know a... Read more