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Climate March Draws Thousands of Protesters Alarmed by Trump’s Environmental Agenda
His administration has gone on to begin rolling back his predecessor’s most ambitious environmental measures, renewing fears that government inaction will send the world headlong into an era of rising seas and violent weather. Continue reading the main story “I want to make a statement. I’m showing my daughters... Read more
A New Exoplanet May Be Most Promising Yet in Search for Life
Photo An artist’s impression of the newly discovered rocky exoplanet. The exoplanet is close enough that astronomers are hopeful that with the next generation of big telescopes, they will be able to probe its atmosphere for signs of water or other evidence of suitability for life. Credit M. Weiss/CfA... Read more
More Permafrost Than Thought May Be Lost as Planet Warms
Photo Dome-shaped pingos, mounds consisting of a layer of soil over a core of ice, in the permafrost in the Northwest Territories, Canada. Credit Christopher Miller for The New York Times As global warming thaws the permafrost, the frozen land that covers nearly six million square miles of the... Read more
Mud Erased a Village in Peru, a Sign of Larger Perils in South America
“We are confronting a natural disaster caused by climate change,” he said. “We need to prepare because the rains that are coming will be more intense.” Continue reading the main story The wreckage in Peru points to an even larger problem in this part of the world: Years of... Read more
One in 10 Pregnant Women With Zika in U.S. Have Babies With Birth Defects
Photo A mother in Puerto Rico and her 2-month-old son who was diagnosed with microcephaly linked to the Zika virus. Credit Carlos Giusti/Associated Press One in 10 pregnant women in the continental United States with a confirmed Zika infection had a baby with brain damage or other serious birth... Read more
They Mixed Science, Art and Costume Parties to Reveal Mysteries of the Sea
They were also open, collaborative and excited about understanding evolutionary ecology by documenting animals in their natural environment. Continue reading the main story But their legacy was complicated. Although they helped lay foundations for modern conservation, field biology and animal behavior studies, they were riding the coattails of colonialism... Read more
A Space Odyssey: Making Art Up There
Mr. Kac’s artwork was made possible by the Space Observatory, an office of France’s National Center for Space Studies that focuses on the cultural aspect of space exploration. Beginning Friday, March 24, the observatory is hosting its annual celebration of art and space at the center’s headquarters in central... Read more
More Grandparents Than Ever – The New York Times
Photo A grandmother and granddaughter at play in Chevy Chase, Md. The number of grandparents in the American population has grown by 24 percent since 2001. Credit Lexey Swall for The New York Times Grandparents represent a bigger chunk of the population than ever before, according to new data... Read more
Cholesterol-Slashing Drug Can Protect High-Risk Heart Patients, Study Finds
“It’s a new ballgame,” he said. But cost will be an issue. Statins are available as cheap generics. The new drugs have a list price of $14,523 a year. “The next big challenge is financial: how to pay for it,” said Dr. David Maron, director of preventive cardiology at... Read more
How to Kill Germs in the Laundry
Photo Credit Victoria Roberts Q. How hot does the water have to be to get germs out of domestic laundry? A. “It is hard to find standard guidelines on water temperatures for domestic laundry,” said Dr. Alexandra Sowa, an internist at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center. Even the Centers... Read more